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Difficult Summer but God was Faithful!

Dear Faithful Praying Friends,

I am so grateful for all you have done for me in praying for my family and me during the past few months.  As most of you know, my mama went home to Jesus on Mothers’ Day and Daddy went home about a month later.   It has been harder than I would have thought since we had been anticipating this and they were so weak and ready to go.  I guess maybe it is the finality of knowing I will never hear their voice or hug them again on this earth that is so hard for me – but day to day, God is faithful and He reminds us many times in his Word not to look to tomorrow.  He gives grace for the day that… Continue reading


School’s Out — Great Year!!!

Hey Everyone,

I am sorry my last update was the middle of April and here we are at the end of May — It has been a very hectic and difficult time.   I had a group right after my last update, then company for 10 days and the following day after my friend left, my mom went to be with Jesus and I flew home.  The day after I returned, a group came and the day they left, I got a stomach virus.  This is my first “normal” day since my last update and I can finally sit down and write to update you on all that God has been doing at Destino and to thank you for your faithful prayers for us.

The group I had in… Continue reading

Busy and Blessed

We have so much on the schedule ahead of us but we are so excited about all that God is accomplishing at Destino del Reino.  Again, it is because of your faithful prayers for us and support and encouragement — so thank you again for all you do for God’s children here in Honduras.

The money came in to put on the roof for the high school building and the material has been ordered and we will be starting on that next week.  We are almost finished as well with the junior high and high school bathrooms.  It will be nice to separate them from the elementary school in the near future.   The plan after the roof is on is to finish up the bathrooms, build the stairs to the second… Continue reading

Great Answer to Prayer

Thank you to all of you who prayed about my trip to the US and for peace in our moving my parents to a nursing home.  God could not have more clearly showed up to prepare every step.   My sister, Kathi, had 5 days off at the exact time when I was coming and so we were able to move my parents the very first morning we were in Augusta.   My mom (who has always been so particular about her house and belongings) walked out the door and never even took a last look around at her home and furnishings.  She was SO ready to go.  My dad was taken in an ambulance and we followed.  We had a great week with my parents at the nursing home and stayed… Continue reading