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Hey Everyone,

I am so aware of your prayers for us each and every day.  God continues to lead us and provide for us and we are amazed at all of His works here in Destino del Reino.

First of all, I have to tell you (those in Facebook already know) that God has provided in  abundance for us for this coming year.   He has sent us enough money to not only finish up the kindergarten classroom but also to pay for some other projects INCLUDING OUR GYMNASIUM!!!  We have prayed for a gym for several years now and we are amazed that we can start work on it immediately.   Praise God with us for such an incredible gift and pray his blessings over the group who has… Continue reading


New Year’s Blessings and Burdens

Hey Everyone,

I can’t believe it is over 6 weeks since I updated you all.  I hate when I am late sending updates out because that means it has been 6 weeks since you have known how to be praying for us and we DO need your prayers!!!

We had a great Christmas at Destino, celebrating Jesus’ birth and just relaxing without all the hurry and problems of running the school.   I am so grateful for such a great school staff though because they generally take care of most things without involving me too much.   One of our funniest memories forever will be Christmas night when we were celebrating Jesus’ birthday (we don’t do gifts at Christmas — it is all about Jesus and his celebration).   We had… Continue reading

Grateful for Prayers

Hey Prayer Partners,

Again, as always, I start out thanking you for your prayers for Destino del Reino.  It is so obvious that we are being upheld by your prayers each day and through each trial we go through.   Thank you for being faithful in prayer even when you may not hear from me for over a month (it has been 6 weeks this time, and I am so sorry).

Things have been so crazy lately and as one of my friends stated on a Facebook post “it is never boring at Destino.”   Sometimes boredom sounds good to me though, ha.

As many of you know, our bus driver was returning from taking our teachers back to Siguatepeque after church on a Wednesday night a few weeks back and… Continue reading

Generous Offer

Hey Everyone,

I just got a message from a friend from college, Jeff Armstrong, who is with Baptist Life Association.  He said they are willing to do a matching gift for whatever need Destino del Reino may have.  He also said that he has a friend who is willing to do a matching gift to match his gift so we have the offer of a double-matching gift up to $4,000.   Although we have so many needs for daily expenses — food, salaries, etc., the project I selected to apply for this matching gift is to purchase another used vehicle.   Pastor Pablo has been using an old Toyota pick-up for visiting our school families in the villages each day and that pick-up is completely worn out and pretty much unfixable.  We also have… Continue reading