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Busy and Blessed

We have so much on the schedule ahead of us but we are so excited about all that God is accomplishing at Destino del Reino.  Again, it is because of your faithful prayers for us and support and encouragement — so thank you again for all you do for God’s children here in Honduras.

The money came in to put on the roof for the high school building and the material has been ordered and we will be starting on that next week.  We are almost finished as well with the junior high and high school bathrooms.  It will be nice to separate them from the elementary school in the near future.   The plan after the roof is on is to finish up the bathrooms, build the stairs to the second… Continue reading


Great Answer to Prayer

Thank you to all of you who prayed about my trip to the US and for peace in our moving my parents to a nursing home.  God could not have more clearly showed up to prepare every step.   My sister, Kathi, had 5 days off at the exact time when I was coming and so we were able to move my parents the very first morning we were in Augusta.   My mom (who has always been so particular about her house and belongings) walked out the door and never even took a last look around at her home and furnishings.  She was SO ready to go.  My dad was taken in an ambulance and we followed.  We had a great week with my parents at the nursing home and stayed… Continue reading

Hard Week Ahead of Me

Hey Everyone,

Just wanted to post a quick update to ask for prayer.  I leave tomorrow for  the US.  On Thursday morning, my sister and I are taking my parents to a nursing home.   It sounds like not that big of deal, knowing they need the full-time medical care and they will be well cared for in a facility like that, BUT it means taking them away from all their things they have collected through the years on missions trips and family vacations, all their familiar surroundings, and even for us it means that we don’t have a place to “go home to” anymore.  It is a very painful thing for us and I would appreciate your prayers for the grace and peace of Jesus to cover us each… Continue reading

Blessings Flowing

Hey Everyone,

As always, I want to start by thanking you for praying for us here at Destino del Reino.  I am very aware that that is exactly why God is pouring out so much blessing on us — you are praying for us and God is answering in powerful ways — He is so amazing!!!

I am pretty exhausted this week after putting together Erick’s wedding in just two weeks’ time.  Thankfully, Allison and Ernie Sizemore helped me and also Jenna and Bethany (two of our American teachers) came to help decorate as well the day of the wedding.   Erick’s wife, Maried, is precious.   She and Erick have been friends since grade school and she has her education in elementary education but is continuing on at the… Continue reading